About Block Shots Podcast

Blockchain technology has been pretty hyped-up in recent years. The reason for the hype is that blockchain is the only field that involves economic, social, and technological aspects. The idea behind Block Shots is to bridge the gap between the highly technical and highly philosophical learning material available on blockchain.

Podcast for Blockchain Beginners

Block Shots is a podcast for blockchain beginners that provides a basic understanding of the most important blockchain concepts in five minutes. Learn blockchain, consensus, hashing, signing, governance, nodes, etc. and many more concepts while having that morning coffee, or while walking towards your car in the parking, or whenever you have those five minutes.

Read more about why Block Shots was started, here.

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About The Host

Gautam Dhameja is a Solutions Architect at Parity Technologies, where he focusses on designing decentralized solutions for enterprises and startups. Before joining the team at Parity, he was a Cloud and IoT Consultant at Microsoft.
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